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Winterim at Pella Christian High School offers students the opportunity to engage in in-depth learning for six school days. Three choices are available for Winterim: all-day or morning and afternoon courses; travel opportunities, both domestic and abroad; internships that allow students to work alongside professionals throughout the central Iowa region.

Our vision is that students gain insight into their own passions and abilities through Winterim, further developing their potential as God’s image-bearers. Community partnerships are an integral part of Winterim at PCHS and through their skills in the workplace and connections, our students are able to learn beyond the PCHS campus provides motivation for learning, allowing students to become more effective citizens of God’s kingdom. Winterim takes place during the first seven days following Christmas break, between semesters. Attendance is required just as it is during both semesters of traditional academic education.

Winterim Catalog 2023

Off Campus Trips


On-Campus Classes