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Guidance and Counseling

Academic Counselor: Pella Christian High School's Academic Counselor is available daily to assist students with schedules, online class registration, career planning, and discussing possible schooling options both in and after high school. This counselor can provide information about colleges, college visits, and college requirements. Scholarship programs, armed services test programs, and test results are also available. It is recommended that students become acquainted with this counselor to better assist this counselor in supporting future schooling and career plans.

School Counselor: Pella Christian High School also partners with Heartland Christian Counseling to offer a school counselor to assist students with social and emotional support. This counselor is available on a part-time basis and is present at school three to four days a week. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this counselor and schedule time as needed during the day. This counselor can assist in recommendations for additional counseling services. If needed, a pass may be obtained from the counselor to be dismissed from class.